Absolutely not.  Uh-uh.

There is no reason that any vendor should consume alcohol while on shift at your event.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the DJ, the bartender, the wedding planner, or the band,  it is absolutely unacceptable to drink on the job.  Employees need to recognize that they are the brand ambassador for their company, and drinking while getting paid is definitely not allowed, and completely unprofessional.


djphoto credit: sashaandsatin.com

There are very few jobs out there that it would be acceptable to consume alcohol.  I would think that wine and spirit buyers for bars/restaurants/hotels/resorts would get a free pass on this, but that’s about it.  Drinking is not allowed at an insurance company, at a retail store, on a construction crew, as a policeman, on a factory line – or anywhere else.


Brides and administrative assistants who hire DJs and/or Bands for their weddings or corporate events should negotiate this into their contracts.  Yes!  You’re allowed to negotiate terms of the contract – YOU’RE the customer!

I told a DJ once that he’s not allowed to drink on the job, and he said to me “well, how else do you expect me to get into it?”  Ummmmm …  how about being “professional”?   Last year a DJ put on a 7 minute song, that no one was dancing to, so that he could go outside and have a cigarette.  And he told me so!  A DJ’s job is to keep the party going and get them dancing.  Their focus shouldn’t be when their next smoke break is, or avoiding the line up at the bar to get a rye & coke.

At Five Star Events®, we require that all our vendors adhere to our strict standards of professionalism, including:

  •  not consuming alcohol while on sift
  • not smoking while on shift
  • not swearing and displaying a professional attitude at all times
  • being appropriately dressed for the role (whether it’s a photographer, a DJ, a bartender, a caterer, etc.)

If you don’t know where to start in planning your calgary events, or you want some advice on questions to ask the vendors, please give us a call.  How can we serve YOU?  403.266.6558

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