The very best part of planning your Calgary event is coming up with the design!

The first thing I notice when I enter a special calgary event venue is the table-scape.  More often than not, the centerpiece is the focal point.  A centerpiece should compliment the mood for the event, distract your guests, or prohibit them from interacting around the dinner table.

centerpiece - tall example

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If you want to dress up a table, creating an eye-catching centerpiece is one of the best ways to do it. Keep proportion in mind – smaller tables require smaller centerpieces. Long rectangular tables call for smaller centerpieces than large round tables do, except with rectangular tables, you need more than one centerpiece – you might need 2 or three small ones stretched out across the table.

wedding centerpiece

The height and shape of your table is what really determines the size of your centerpieces, more specifically the relative height of your chair seats and tabletops. Most venues in Calgary and area seat 8 people at a 60″ round table, however, if they are limited on space they might seat 10 people to a table (which I never recommend, but some venues do it).  The centerpiece should allow sufficient room for the table setting, as well as everything else on the table, such as salt & pepper shakers, cream & sugar, buns and butter, and so on.  This photo is an example of a centerpiece that has just too much “going on” to be practical.

centerpiece - bad example2

The tall, elegant pillars with trailing flowers and ivy running down the length that you see in pictures may look lovely, but they aren’t practical. Centerpieces need to be 12″ or lower… or 24″ or taller… anything in between only takes away from the social aspect of your event by eliminating the ability for guests to see each other across the table. Guests should not have to compete with a looming centerpiece in order chat with the other guests or even getting a view of the bride and groom.  Event decor should enhance the atmosphere, not be a distraction.

wedding centerpieceBe creative. Make a small centerpiece look larger by using a mirror. Use votive holders and candles to create a soft, romantic glow – this also helps to create visual interest for a smaller centerpiece. With coordinating linens and stationery your tables will be on their way to looking inviting and will only require simple centerpieces to be complete. centerpiece - round


There are many different and innovative centerpiece ideas to be used for creating attractive designs. The best arrangements I’ve seen are creative… color and elegance is more important than size.

 We custom design centerpieces for all of our events, based on design, budget, color choices, size recommendations etc. and would be pleased to do that for you too!

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centerpiece - cupcakecenterpiece - more is not better

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