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This past weekend we had the privilege to plan and design a lovely 40th Wedding Anniversary event for a couple who lives in BC.

Since Ruby is the traditional gem for a 40th wedding anniversary event, I recommended a black, ruby and silver design.

The event was held at the lovely Hotel Le Germain in Calgary .  A boutique hotel with lovely guest suites, a small ballroom, delicious food and great service.  This hotel is also DOG Friendly – which is one of the criteria the client gave me for selecting a venue.

Because the size of the guest list, and the size/shape of the ballroom, I recommended to have a King’s Table design, rather than standard round banquet tables.  This way, everyone is seated at the same table as the guests of honor, and it is a much cozier, intimate feel.

King’s Table – Hotel Le Germain

Centerpieces by Philip Chong Flower Bar

Custom menus by Five Star Events®

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